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Put your trust on our German- engineered motor. It is capable of lifting up to 40kg of load and boasts a low noise operation at an impressive 38 decibels. Coupled with the highly-durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel reeling wire, it is set to keep you worry-free.


Mark 1 Series is equipped with DAY LIGHT and WARM LIGHT. This functions gives you the flexibility to toggle between the two according to your preference.

UV Light is a common feature across all our heater models. With Mark 1 Series, the upgraded embedded UV Light design exposes the light to a bigger surface area, making it more effective in eliminating harmful germs and bacterias.


Heater and fan emulates the natural drying elements and introduces it to your indoor drying. Toggle between fan for cool wind and heater for hot wind depending on weather conditions. Our heater goes up to 50 Degrees Celsius , making it suitable for delicate materials.

The parameter of the vents on Mark 1 Pro will light up accordingly. Blue rim lights indicates cool wind while red rim lights indicates hot wind. This features alleviates your laundry sessions, creating a more intuitive experience for you.


A gentle lift will trigger the pressure sensor to lift up the rack. One touch lifting will ease your laundry experience, especially when your hands are too full to be scrambling for the remote!


All Mensch models features a minimum of 8 horizontal bars and 2 long extendable poles. Some of our models features a removable and adjustable horizontal bars to give you flexibility in your hanging preferences. Horizontal bar system creates more hanging space in a space constraint layout. Items such as cushions, pillows, shoes, bags and toys can be lined on the horizontal bar for sanitizing or cleaning without requiring extra accessories.


Reduce unwanted odour and musky smell with this technology. It releases negative ions that eliminates decontaminants and foul particles in the air, reducing musky smell and a creating a fresh smelling laundry which can be better achieved in a clean environment.


Mark Mini features an exclusive countdown timer. The LED screen will show a default '2H' to indicate the total duration for heater, fan and UV operation which is 2 hours. The countdown will then start once it is on operation to indicate the amount of time left till the end of operation.