Retractable Insect Screens and Mosquito Net

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Are insects coming into your home? Are you looking for a full proof way to block off the insects, without compromising the view?

Z4 is here for you! It is customisable to fit in windows or doors, making it a very flexible model for you.

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  • 1 Year Warranty on Sliding Mechanism & Workmanship

Installation Dimensions:

Single Panel/Door Opening (Max Width/Height Dimensions)

Width: 1.4m / Height: 2.2m

Double Panel/Door Opening (Max Width/Height Dimensions)

Width: 2.8m / Height: 2.2m

Frame Colours:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Black

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Z1 Pleated Mesh

Pleated Mesh

Pleated Meshes allows every fold to completely close without gaps, allowing for excellent recovery & easy retraction


2 in 1

Opt for the 2 In 1 Waterproof Anti-Glare Screen + Insect Screen to safeguard your home from pest and keep the light out

Light coming thru a window

Light Transmittance

Insect Screens have very small holes, allowing for good light transmittance in your house when the windows are open and your insect screen is in use



Z4 Insect Screens are made of Polyester, a strong, resilient and durable material that is wrinkle-resistant

Full Blackout

Full Blackout

Anti-Glare Screens are designed to keep out 100% of sunlight coming through your windows/doors

RS01 Aluminium Frame

Aluminium Frame

The Frames of Z4 are made of high grade Aluminium, a light-weight material which is also anti-rust.

Wind flowing through window

Good Ventilation

Insect Screens have very small holes to prevent insects from entering your house, while not compromising on the overall ventilation in your house






Anti-Glare Screens are waterproof, preventing rainwater from seeping through our windows/doors

Z1Z3Z4 Frame Colours

Various Frame Colours Options

Z4 has 3 different colour options for the frame to choose from to match with your existing window/window grills

Easy Usage

Easy Usage

The Pleated Mesh for Z4 is easy to use as the insect screen’s movement allows for smooth opening and closing with minimal force

Easy to install png

Easy to Install

Insect Screens can be installed easily through the use of screws and adhesive tapes