Functions of Mark 1 Pro

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The Smart Laundry Revolution - What are the Functions of Mark 1 Pro?

October 22, 2022

What is Mark 1 Pro?


The Mark 1 Pro is a smart automated laundry system that is the new and improved model in the market that comes in white and black to suit any home. 

Its design is sleek and compact to add minimalism into your homes without standing out like a sore thumb.

It has many upgraded functions, from the functions indicator to one touch lifting feature that will enhance your laundry experience.



What makes the Mark 1 Pro different?


There are many smart automated systems in the market, but the Mark 1 Pro is packed with various functions you might not know you need until now that will redefine your laundry experience. There are a total of four upgraded functions:


1. Dual LED light


It comes with dual-tone LED light, white and warm lights to suit your preference and time of day. With a simple touch of a button, you can easily switch from white to warm light and vice versa. Compared to our other models, the Mark 1 Pro has the brightest light setting which you can use as your ceiling light that lights up the area while you are doing laundry at night. Not only that, but the lights can also function to mask the UV lights coming from the same panels.


2. Built-in ioniser


The built-in ioniser helps to eliminate odours by releasing negative ions into the air, which will attach themselves to any molecules with a positive charge. This will neutralize the contaminants and leave no trace of any unpleasant smell on your laundry. To put it simply, it will purify the air in the laundry area while reducing odour in your laundry.



3. One-touch lifting


Aside from other models' obstacle detection functions, the Mark 1 Pro takes a step further with the one-touch lifting function. The advanced pressure sensor technology enables the system's lifting motion to be operated with just a slight push. Simply push the system up and hold it for about three seconds and it will automatically lift up without the use of the remote control or APP. However, it is not recommended to do so with heavy loads of laundry as it might require a good amount of strength.


4. Function indicator


This is a simple yet very useful function that not many other models have. It is a strip of icons in the centre of the system that will light up accordingly to the different functions when they are in use. There are also light indicators on the perimeters of the vents which lights up in blue when the fan is on and turns to red when the heater is on, creating a more intuitive laundry experience without having to rely fully on touch. These indicators are also helpful when it comes to the masking of the UV lights. When the UV lights are masked, the UV+ sign will light up to indicate that the UV is still turned on.



Features of the Mark 1 Pro system


Now that you know the main upgraded functions, let’s dive into the other useful functions of the Mark 1 Pro that you need when doing your laundry!


1. Fan

The fan allows for better airflow circulation to promote quicker drying and reduces unpleasant musky odour in your laundry. The fan is pre-set to turn off after 2 hours so you can go about your regular activities without worrying about wasting electricity. This will help you save on your electricity bills too!


2. Heater

The heater is equipped with temperature control that limits its maximum temperature to 55 degrees and a preset duration set of 2 hours to ensure optimal drying conditions for your laundry. Once it hits 60 degrees, the heater will automatically turn off which is a safety feature so that there is no need to worry about the heat damaging the fabrics of your laundry, and you can prolong the use of your clothes.


3. UV light

With the UV light embedded in the dual strip LED panel, there is a greater surface area and higher coverage to get rid of bacteria and germs lingering on your laundry. The UV lights are also pre-set at 2 hours so you do not need to worry about turning it off as it will automatically do so. As mentioned, you can toggle with dual-tone lights to mask the UV so that it is not harmful to your eyes.


4. Compact

The good thing about a smart automated laundry system is that it is compact. With a length of 130cm, you will not have to worry about confined spaces being an issue. Not only that, it has a maximum lifting capacity of 40kg which gives your family more than enough space to hang your laundry load.


5. Extendable poles


Space is not an issue with the extendable poles, allowing you to hang your king-sized bedsheets comfortably. With the Mark 1 Pro, the poles can be extended to a length of 2.3m and include multiple horizontal bars that allow for extra hanging space. To maximise your laundry hanging, you can alternate your hangers, front and back so that they stagger. There are also 10 inbuilt clips to hang smaller items such as your socks and handkerchief. 

With the hanger holes, horizontal bars and extendable poles, there are many ways to do your laundry. The best way to know what fits your laundry habits is to experiment, allowing you to know what suits you best.



6. Silent operation


Worried that the motor will make a lot of noise? Fret not. With our high-performance motor, it operates at a low noise operation of 38 decibels to give you a peaceful home. It allows you to do your laundry at any time of the day without disruption.

The motor also features overheating protection which helps to prevent the motor from overheating and ruining your laundry.



7. Obstacle detection

As part of the Mark 1 Pro’s safety feature, the system will come to an immediate stop when pressure is detected while the system is being lowered. This will ensure your safety but also the lifespan of the system. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your children or the elderly getting hurt by the system. 

The obstacle detection also acts as a stop button when you place your hand below the main unit when you want to stop your system before it hits anything. This allows you to stop your system without the use of the remote control.


8. Remote control


As mentioned previously, the Mark 1 Pro can be operated using the remote control that comes with the system. The remote control is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home with its sleek and stylish look. It also comes with a bracket to allow you to mount it to your wall using 3m tape without looking too bulky. You will not need to worry about the aesthetic of your home with the Mark 1 Pro.



The Mark 1 Pro can change how you do your laundry and redefine your experience. Try it for yourself today!