Reasons to get a smart automated laundry system

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Why You Should Get An Automated Laundry System And How It'll Change Your Life

October 21, 2022

Doing laundry is a common household chore, and you might be wondering if there is a smarter and better way to do it that does not have to be daunting and laborious. With the advancement in technology, one thing you can start doing smartly is your laundry.

Here is why having an automated laundry system is worth the purchase!

  1. Weather has little impact on doing laundry
  2. Prevents fading in clothing
  3. Eliminates odour
  4. Saves time and is more efficient 
  5. It is safe
  6. Saves space
  7. Saves electricity

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Weather has little impact on doing laundry


The automated laundry system is a new technology that is making its way into households. This system has a number of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment, including being able to dry clothes indoors.

The most notable benefit of this system is that it does not depend on the weather for heat or wind as there is already an in-built heater and fan. This means that you will never have to worry about rain getting your clothes wet again. Now you would not need to rush to keep your clothes in on rainy days or wait to hang your clothes on sunny days.


Prevents fading in clothing



Aside from the weather, drying your clothes indoors can also help prolong your clothes' fabric. As we know, hanging your clothes out in the sun is the best way to expose your clothes to UV lights while drying. But did you know that exposing your clothes to too much sunlight can damage the fabric? Well, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause your clothes to fade and is not ideal.

With the automated laundry system, you can expose your clothes to both heat and UV rays with its heater and UV disinfection functions. It comes with temperature control, ensuring that your clothes are not exposed to prolonged heat. You can have your clothes dried without worrying about excessive exposure. 


Eliminates odour


There are many ways to get rid of odours, such as using an ioniser and a heater.

Ionisers are devices that help to get rid of odours by releasing negative ions into the air, which will attach themselves to any molecules that have a positive charge. This will make them neutralize each other and leave no trace of an unpleasant smell.

Heaters are also useful for getting rid of odours because they help dry clothes faster, so there is less time for the moisture to accumulate and cause clothes to smell bad.



Saves time and is more efficient


Hanging clothes the traditional way is time-consuming and can be quite difficult. It takes a lot of time to hang the clothes and put them in order. The traditional way of hanging clothes also takes up more space than necessary. 

An automated laundry system comes with racks that allow you to hang up to 40kg load of clothes. There are multiple racks to hang your clothes from socks, and shirts to bedsheets. You can use hangers for your shirts and clips for smaller garments like socks. With the extendable poles, you can hang your bedsheets. Therefore, making hanging your laundry much more efficient.


It is safe


Safety is a major concern for all individuals, especially when it comes to high-rise buildings. The automated laundry system is safer than the traditional one. The traditional laundry system has a lot of disadvantages. 

For example, it is not safe because clothes can fall off the washing line and get dirty or wet when it rains. It also takes a lot of time to do the laundry because you have to carry heavy clothes up and down stairs, causing bodily pains in homemakers and the elderly.

With an automated system, there is no risk of clothes falling off and can prevent you from having back pains. It is also much more efficient, which means you will save time in the long run.


Saves space


An automated laundry system that can be installed on the ceiling is a great way to save space in the home. It is compact and takes up less space than a traditional dryer and hanging rack. With more floor space, there will be space for your family to move around.



Saves electricity


Dryers use up more electricity than any other appliance in the home and, because of this, they are a big contributor to your monthly electric bill.

Automated laundry systems use much less electricity than a traditional dryer and are capable of doing all your laundry. With less electricity usage, you will be able to save electricity while saving yourself money as well.



Automated laundry systems are changing the way people do their laundry. They're making it easier than ever before to get your laundry clean without all the hassle. And they're designed to work for any size family, from single-person households to large families with children.

A fully automated system will take care of everything for you - all at the touch of a button!